Anderson Whites Beach Hunter Hip Mount Kit -0932


Now you can hip mount your Beach Hunter with our newly designed kit. This kit included two stainless steel mounting plates with that are applied with special adhesive tape. Includes 2" heavy duty adjustable belt and instructions.


Price- $49.99 USD

Anderson Ultimate Arm Cuff-0913


The Anderson Ultimate Arm Cuff is made from high quailty aluminum with a sandtext black powder coat finish. Cuff also has foam pad on the inside and a 2" adjustable arm strap. Comes with black hardware. This will fit most makes and models with a 7/8" detector shafts.


Price- $29.99 USD

Anderson Minelab Explorer Arm Cuff - 0925


Replaces factory arm on Minelab Explorer.S,XS,II,SE,Quattro,E-Trac and Safari machines.  Made from high quailty aluminum with a sandtext black powder coat finish. Cuff also has foam pad on the inside and  a 2" adjustable arm strap.


Price- $29.99 USD


Anderson Metal Detector Stand - 0917


Anderson metal detector stand fits most detectors with 7/8" or smaller shaft. Stand is held in place with two thumb screws. Made from UV resistant ABS. Great way to keep your machine up and out of the water and dirt. Available in Black, Blue, Yellow, Red and Pink


Price- $14.99 USD

Anderson Excalibur Knob Guard - 0916


Anderson Excalibur Knob Guard. Great way to protect your detector control knobs. Comes with mounting hardware and instructions. Available in Anderson Blue, Sandtex Black, SCUBA Yellow and Minelab Green.


Price- $39.99 USD


Anderson Excalibur Hipmount Kit - 0921


Anderson Excalibur Hip Mount Kit allows you to hip mount your electronics. No tools needed and comes with adjustable waist belt. Available in Green, Blue, Yellow and Black.


Price- $29.99 USD

Anderson Excalibur Knob Set - 0919


5 pack of knobs to replace stock excalibur knobs or any onther machine that uses a 1/4" or 6.3mm shaft. These knobs are made from plastic with a brass insert with a stainless steel set screw on the side. They are larger than stock units and with the pointer its easy to set them without having to look at them. Get them in Blue, Green or Yellow. Packaged with wrench and instructions.


Price- $19.99 USD

Anderson Whites Coil Weight - 0930


The Anderson Coil Weight is designed to fit the Whites Dual Field and Beach Hunter 12” (300mm) Coil. The Coil Weight will help reduce buoyancy issues common to these coils. Coil Weights are made from an all natural material coated with a yellow poly finish. Comes with instructions and mounting ties.



Price- $29.99 USD

Anderson Excalibur Chest Mount- 0931


The Excalibur Chest Mount system is the most versatile Excalibur mount on the market. It has been designed to provide almost unlimited adjustability. The horizontal belt can be worn at the waist or it can be adjusted to be up on the chest. The waist and shoulder straps are fully adjustable. Made from 1.5" Polypro Webbing with black powder coated aluminum mounting brackets.


Price- $59.99 USD